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А brief summary of the 3 main steps all authors should follow in order to complete the Economix Journal paper submission process in full are outlined in the following paragraphs is . You will find additional documents and instructions as you proceed through each individual step.


1. AUTHOR REGISTRATION – Before submitting an abstract, the corresponding author should register in the Economix database by filling out the Author Registration form. Upon successful registration, the corresponding author will be contacted via e-mail with additional information regarding the following abstract submission step.

2. ABSTRACT SUBMISSION – In the received e-mail, the corresponding author will be instructed to write and deliver their abstract to the publisher within a deadline (usually around 5 days). As such, all authors should follow the provided rules for abstract submission and use the appropriate forms when writing their abstracts (original scientific or review form). Authors can view examples of written and published abstracts by browsing the volumes of the Economix Journal.

After successfully submitting the abstract, the corresponding author will receive an Abstract Summary Review in the following days. The review will detail initial abstract acceptance, corrections to be made, and the full paper and cover letter submission process that is to follow. The e-mail will also describe the payment procedure for the publication and the corresponding author will be sent a pro invoice. The author will need to conduct the corrections and send the corrected abstract back to the publisher in order to receive an e-mail informing them of a completed abstract submission.

3. FULL PAPER & COVER LETTER SUBMISSION – After receiving the e-mail detailing abstract acceptance into the journal, the corresponding author can already prepare their Full Paper and Cover Letter in parallel with their abstract. All authors have a timeframe of 1 month (30 days) to submit their Full Paper and Cover Letter, starting from the day they receive e-mail confirmation that their abstract submission has been accepted. When writing the Full Paper, authors should follow the provided rules for their full paper submission, and use the appropriate forms when writing their paper (scientific or review form). Authors can view examples of written and published full papers by browsing the volumes of the Economix Journal.

  • Every Full Paper submission must be also accompanied by a Cover Letter by the corresponding author, indicating they have not submitted a similar manuscript for publication elsewhere. Authors should fill out the Cover Letter Form and send it to the publisher alongside their Full Paper submission. Full Papers submitted without a cover letter will NOT be published by the journal.

Following successful submission, authors will receive a Full Paper Review in the following period. The review will detail corrections to be made by the author. Upon completing their corrections, the author should re-send their Full Paper to the publisher again, and if all corrections are completed, will receive an e-mail confirmation of a completed paper submission process.

Upon official publishing of the paper in the Economix Journal, the corresponding author will be informed via e-mail.

Days 0-5

From Author Registration & Abstract Submission to Receiving an Abstract Summary Review.

Days 5-10

From Re-submitting the Corrected Abstract to receiving a Completed Abstract Review.

Days 10-40

Period of time allocated for delivering the Full Paper & Cover Letter, following Abstract Submission.

Days 40-50

From Full Paper & Cover Letter Submission to receiving a Full Paper Review.

Days 50-60

From Re-submitting the Corrected Full Paper to receiving a Completed Full Paper Review.

Authors who deliver submissions before set deadlines can expect to complete the full submission process significantly earlier.


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